• Haven-realm
Welcome to Haven realm.
Enter the Haven Realm as a fallen angel or a banished demon and rewrite the history. It never happened in the memories of generations that angels and demons had an enemy in common. Grab your chance and make a name for yourself!

The current time in Port haven is 10:37 am.
Next new game day in: 2h, 13m, 42s (real time)

Lucifer has been confronted a total of 7 times.
There are a total of 99 registered immortals in the realm.

Current Hit Count: 381,874

Today's realm's weather is expected to be Windy with sand drifting along.

Enter your name and mark to enter haven.
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HavenRealm is currently being rewritten. Registrations are closed for the time being. When you login, expect the game to behave differently.

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