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> Newborn girl Sharlie says, "Hi :)"
> Newborn boy Mara says, "It seems this game doesn't work on android at all."
> god of creation pelantas says, "hi there mara and sharlie, welcome to the game"
> god of creation pelantas says, "@mara what exactly doesn't work on android regarding the game? I don't have any experiences with android myself, but i can take a look to see if i can make it work any better."
> Newborn boy HarmonicaPlayer says, "welcome to the game from me to:)"
> Newborn boy Efreet says, "hello"
> god of creation pelantas says, "hi there Efreet, welcome to havenrealm"
> Newborn boy denatos says, "HI all."
> Newborn boy HarmonicaPlayer says, "lately i tried to share my special referral link you can find in the trainees page and someone tweeted me saying link broken is there a bugsomewhere"
> Newborn boy Pax says, "Hi all. I am a new"
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