• Terms and Agreements

HavenRealm.com is not responsible for any illegal, offending, or inappropriate actions made by users inside or outside of the game, including internet and real life actions.
HavenRealmcom reserves the right to deny any person access to the game without a valid reason, or does any reason have to be given to the person.
HavenRealm.com has no obligations towards any player.
HavenRealm.com can ban or delete an account when the rules are broken.
HavenRealm.com has the right to make decisions based on non-written rules or to change the rules in the future without notifying users.
Players of HavenRealm.com that donate have no extra rights and can't claim rights.
HavenRealm.com may not be appropriate for persons under the age of 15, by playing the game, or signing up for an account, you agree that you are over the age of 15 or otherwise have parental consent to play.
By creating an account, or sending in-game messages, you agree to allow HavenRealm.com access to your in-game mail, whether they notify you or not.
HavenRealm.com does not guarantee that you will be able to login to the game at all times or gain access to all parts of the game. Certain parts of the game may be unavailable due to browser, firewall or security settings, or other problems.
Botting / Macroing
Using any program or machine (Includes but is not limited to: Bots, Macros, autoclickers) to automate any part of the game is strictly forbidden.
Any advertising of other websites, games or services unrelated to the game is not tolerated and will result in an instant AND PERMANENT ban from the game.
Exploits / Bugs
Any bug, exploit, or mistake in the game should be reported to a staff member (Admin+ preferred. Inform or request help from a Moderator as a last resort.) as soon as humanly possible. Taking advantage of a bug, exploit, or mistake in the game is strictly forbidden.
Age Requirement
When you create an account you guarantee that you are above the age of 15, and that the information you provide us is accurate, complete, and current at all times. Inaccurate, incomplete, or obsolete information may result in the immediate termination of your account on the Service.
Account Sharing
You may only play on ONE account. Sharing an account with another player/person is forbidden. Staff will NEVER ask for your password. We will not be held responsible for any damage that happens to your account if you give away (willingly or unwillingly) your password.
Multiple Accounts
You may only own ONE account. If you and a friend/family member wish to play from the same IP/residence, you must first inform a staff member and given clearance to do so. (No, do not create both accounts and ask after. Create the first one, wait for clearance, create the second one.) No trades(directly or indirectly using other players/guilds etc.) will be allowed between the two accounts. (NOTE: The account sharing rules still apply to such cases.)
Staff reserves the right to lockdown accounts of which they suspect being multies. In this case, contact us via:
and we'll discuss the matter.
Staff Impersonation
Impersonating staff will result in your account being terminated. This includes but is not limited to: changing your username/title/clan name to mimic a staff’s username/title, telling other people you are a staff member etc.
Real-World Trading
Selling any in-game asset for real life currency or real life goods (This includes but is not limited to: electronics, gift cards, game codes etc.) will result in your account being terminated.
Cross-game Trading
Trading in-game assets for assets in other games is allowed, but do so at your own risk. HavenRealm.com or any of its staff do not endorse such trades and will not provide assistance in case any problems (Includes but is not limited to: scamming) arise.
If you wish to appeal any decision taken by HavenRealm.com or its staff regarding your account and its status, please do so by writing an e-mail to our support describing the situation and why you think the decision should be reversed. Please include your in-game name in the e-mail.
Real Life
Please remember that this is just a game! We strongly recommend not giving out any personal information on the game.
If you are caught breaking any of the above rules, your account may be closed and you may not be able to register another account in the future. Being a staff member or a donator does not make you exempt from the game rules.

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